Introducing Tall Pines Flies

One of the unintended side-effects of 30 Days of Tying was that several people started asking me if I would sell them flies. I was flattered, but I would politely decline and send them off to buy flies from Mike Schmidt or Richard Strolis. But then I started developing and fishing my own patterns. The requests kept coming in, so I have finally caved in.

Today marks the official launch of something that I have been working on since early March. I am calling it Tall Pines Flies since the place where I have fished since I was kid is Tall Pine Resort in Red River, New Mexico (a way to pay homage, without pissing anyone off with name infringement!).


I am starting off slow. I don’t sell other people’s patterns. I don’t sell stuff that you could easily buy at your local shop. I sell custom patterns, most of which are big streamers. If you have something specific that you want, just let me know and we can work out something. I am excited about this, and if you are interested, please check out:


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  2. Paul

    Awesome!! Good luck on your new venture. I see from your FB posts that it is already keeping you busy. Leave yourself some time to fish.

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