Tying Tuesday – Put On Your Armor

“Redfish are in your future.” That is what everyone tells me when they hear that I am moving back to Texas. I usually politely chuckle and then the conversation moves on. It’s true, I probably will go down to the coast and try to chase some Red’s with Austin. But, that won’t be just a quick little trip. The coast is about 550 miles from Lubbock. For those of you who are counting, that’s 50 miles farther than Lubbock to the San Juan. It’s 100 miles more than Bloomington to the Pere Marquette (a drive that I have made so many times that I might be able to do it blindfolded).


I think people think of Redfish when they think of Texas. Which is fine (actually, I think that is great! The fishery is healthy and growing and people NEED to know about it). But, Texas is huge. Like, really huge. Almost too huge to really be able to put into words. So, yea, Redfish are probably in my future. But so are brown trout, large mouth bass and carp. I suppose the best part of living in the middle of nowhere is that you are centrally located between A LOT of cool water. I’ll take that as a bonus!

Tying Tuesday this week is the Armored Bait Fly by Joe Benton. Sure, it might be a while before I get to throw it to a tailing Redfish, but what is the point of having empty boxes? Might as well fill them with the hope of a future trip, rather than frantically trying to finish them off the night before I leave. Summer is here. Time to go fish!

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  1. Haha yes! It’s hard to explain just how big Texas is to those who haven’t visited – from where I sit typing away, looking at the water, it is 8.5 hours to Lubbock. I’ll say this about the armored baitfish – looks great, and for blind casting in channels it would definitely catch its share, but for ankle deep sight casting you’ll want something with less armor :D

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